How does a photovoltaic system?

A residential photovoltaic system uses solar modules absorb solar energy and convert it into electricity for domestic needs. The most common type is a plant connected to the electricity grid: This provides you with solar energy during the day ensuring that you can harness the energy of the power grid at night or when the production plant is not enough to cover your needs.
Here's how they work photovoltaic modules to generate electricity for your home:

The photovoltaic modules installed on your roof absorb photons of sunlight and convert them into electricity. The conversion into energy begins almost immediately after contact. The electricity produced by the modules is DC (energia CC).

L 'inverter converts the DC power into AC (AC power) suitable for domestic use. The latter can be used to power the lighting and all electrical appliances, come TV, washing machine, conditioner, hair dryer and refrigerator.

When it produces more energy than it consumes, the excess is fed into the electricity grid.

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